Overt Foundation Program

We are here to help individuals who are facing mental health challenges and cannot access therapy through their own means or insurance.

The Overt program makes mental health therapy affordable by being heavily subsidized, where a large percentage is covered by us. Therapy can help individuals overcome many mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and relationships. In our program, you will be paired with a licensed therapist who is specialized in your challenges and can assist you to conquer what you are facing. We’ll also ask you to share your story and experience with mental health therapy on our website. Not only does it help your recovery but also others who have had similar feelings and experiences.

To start your journey and open to your best self, apply today.


Start today by applying to our program.

We support individuals who are not able to finance mental health care. This is based on household income, employment, and individual circumstances. Your application will be reviewed within 48hrs and you will be contacted with the outcome. We aim to support as many people who are in need as possible.


Meet with your case SPECIALIST.

Your dedicated case specialist will be your point of contact throughout the process. They will be able to answer any questions you have, and you can share your experience with them. If your application is accepted, you will have a meeting with your caseworker to discuss next steps and review some information. This is usually done within 7 days of your application.


Onboarding to the program.

Once you meet with your case specialist and all the details are finalized you will be onboarded to the program. This contains a simple survey where you can share more details about the challenges you have been facing and what you hope to achieve from therapy. Here we will outline key milestones for your journey.


Start your therapy sessions.

You will be paired with a specialized licensed therapist. These sessions are held virtually through video calls. Your therapist will work with you to overcome the mental health challenges you have been facing. Overt will fund a large percentage of the sessions and the difference will be covered by the individual. In the past, if you have seen a therapist or have been recommended a therapist, please let your case specialist know if you would like to work with them.


Review your progress.

Throughout the program and at the end you will review your progress with your caseworker. Here you will be able to discuss any developments and progress you have made as well as any challenges you may have felt. We aim to support you as much as possible, so it will be important for you to be transparent and honest with us. At the end of your program if you feel like you need to arrange any follow-up sessions this can also be accommodated.

Overt Program Criteria

Here are some specifications to consider for applying to our program, we hope to help everyone we can however there are certain expectations and requirements to be met.


All participants are required to meet their milestones which are set out for participants throughout the program. These milestones include sharing their experiences with mental health and therapy, as well as completing checklists for sessions. Reaching and completing milestones are a big part of your journey.


A certain percentage of therapy sessions will be covered by Overt Foundation. The agreed difference is to be financed by the participant; this amount will be outlined before therapy begins.

US Residency

Participants are required to be residing in the United States during their time on Overt’s program for restoration.


Participants are required to attend all scheduled sessions to remain in the Overt program and receive funding. Failure to attend scheduled sessions will result in removal from the program. If the scheduled sessions need to be rescheduled, this should be done no later than 48 hours in advance.

*Failure to meet our criteria will result in refusal or removal from the program.


Where do I apply?

How long will the application take me?

The application generally takes 15-30 minutes.

How long will it take to hear back about my application?

We attempt to reach out to you within the first 48 hours.

Why do you ask for my personal information?

We collect personal information to help us better understand your situation and how we can help.

Does it cost money to apply?

There is no fee for applying.

What is the program like? What can I expect?

We help fund therapy sessions for you. You are matched with a therapist that specializes in your specific need and then your assigned case manager will work with you throughout your entire time in the program. The goal is for you to improve your mental health.

Are the therapy sessions remote or in-person?

Many people opt for remote therapy. If you have a specific need for in-person sessions, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate; we have had success in finding in-person therapists for other program participants who preferred to meet face-to-face.

If I apply, what is the likelihood I will be accepted?

Acceptance to our program is based on a few factors such as your current financial situation, what support you require, our availability, and our assessment of your readiness and willingness to complete the program. Our aim is to help as many people as possible, this is why it is important to be open and honest with us while filling out your application. Please provide detail when submitting your application.

Do you have questions?

We have answers!