Experiences Final

COMMUNITY experiences

CR’s Story

Pre-Overt: I am really needing help with confidence/self worth. Finding tools to be a better person towards myself and others would be helpful. I would love to have the ability to have authentic long lasting relationships and overall better mental health. Week 1: I left feeling extremely validated and with some very helpful new vocabulary…Continue reading CR’s Story

KR’s Story

Pre-Overt I am hoping to overcome my anxiety and depression and live a more fulfilled life. A life that I can live without being afraid of other peoples opinions about me and letting that stop me from doing things I would love to do. I am working with a therapist to overcome my past traumas…Continue reading KR’s Story

BG’s Story

Pre-Overt We recently moved to a new city and  I started having terribly gruesome nightmares that would wake me up and developed intrusive thoughts about the images I would dream about. I was deeply disturbed as violence and gore were not ever part of any media or books in my life. I sought after answers…Continue reading BG’s Story

LH’s Story

I lost 3 family members in 4 months; including my mother and my only son. I’ve added my disabled brother (whose wife passed away) and his young  son to my household. All of this occurred shortly after I moved to help my mom, before she passed away. During this time, I have still been in…Continue reading LH’s Story