KH’s Story

Before Overt: 

My insurance does cover therapy but only after the deductible is met which is at least $1500 (might be more) and this does not work for me because I can’t afford to pay for therapy until the deductible is met. My employer does have an employee assistance program that I have used and my therapist who is a part of that program recommended that I seek out long term care and an EMDR therapist. The employee assistance program is meant for short term care. 

I suffer from PTSD as a result of abuse suffered in childhood at the hands of a mentally ill parent. This has severely affected my self esteem and ability to maintain long term relationships, including but not limited to romantic relationships. I really need to find EMDR care that I can afford to help me overcome my trauma and the issues I mentioned. 

I wanted to share some highlights of my experiences with the Overt Foundation and the therapy they were able to help me with 

  • Therapist was gentle and attentive as she guided me through a new process.  Second session left me feeling good. I felt empowered by discoveries about myself as I processed the thoughts and feelings that came. 
  • I liked that my therapist encouraged me to go back to a memory that she thought contained more trauma but also left the door open to talk about whatever I wanted. 
  • I am usually excited to go to sessions even though going means dealing with difficult memories and emotions. I am excited, if that’s the right word, to learn how new coping mechanisms and thought patterns because the old ones are not working for me. 
  • I liked that my therapist pushed me, again, to go to the hard places. We talked about more of the trauma I’ve experienced at the hands of my dad and she helped me reframe an incident that occurred so that it isn’t so rife with fear and anger for me anymore. I also like that she took the time to listen and hear what it was that I needed even though I didn’t know. 
  • I finally understood why I have been so angry for so long today. It’s because my boundaries have always been ignored and I had no safe outlet for my feelings. I didn’t know how to express what I was feeling as a child because I didn’t have the words or even understand why I was angry. 
  • I am so proud at how far I have come. I just need to try and get myself to get up, get out, fight. Rise to be the person, fighter, happy mom I was and I know I still am somewhere inside. But I am closer to getting me back 


After Overt: Coming soon 🙂