KR’s Story

I am hoping to overcome my anxiety and depression and live a more fulfilled life. A life that I can live without being afraid of other peoples opinions about me and letting that stop me from doing things I would love to do. I am working with a therapist to overcome my past traumas and start doing EDMR therapy.During Overt:


Week 1:
Talking with my therapist about setting and keeping healthy boundaries towards dating and in other relationships in my life. She uses a white board often to write things down and explain to me. Today’s session was very eye opening to me as to the past things I would do or not do in relationships in order to be loved when in actuality I wasn’t loving myself and seeking external validations. She is helping me learn that it’s okay to set boundaries and most importantly in keeping those boundaries in place once set with someone.

Week 2:
I don’t think anything could have improved it was a really good session and I left feeling very validated and safe. I am anxious to start the trauma therapy EMDR part of my sessions and thought we’d have done that by now but I trust my therapist and that she will start that when she believes I am ready for that.

Week 3:
My therapist really listens and has a way of getting me to even open up about things that I don’t even realize are issues and causing me more worry.

Week 4:
We started with using the desensitization methods of EMDR. I was very nervous about starting that process but my therapist set me at ease and it ended up to be one of the best sessions I have had.

Week 5:
I have had a few rough weeks and it was good to just sit and talk about it and get feedback of how I have been handling things and what I can do to manage my emotions and stress level during this time.

Week 6:
We went deeper into the trauma therapy work and found out some causes for my anxiety when I travel that we will start working on in my next session.