SW’s Story

Before Overt: 

I am currently a full-time student in college. I work part-time for a local engineering firm to earn a little money. My wife works full-time to cover our expenses while I finish up school. She has had a difficult time finding a job that pays well because she did not graduate high school. 

I have never been treated for anxiety or depression before, and have never gone to therapy, but about 3 months ago I decided it would be good for me since I have been feeling anxiety, nervousness, helplessness, and have had trouble sleeping. The Overt foundation presented itself as a much needed option for me and my family.  


During Overt: 

Week 1: In my most recent session with my therapist, we talked about the importance of journaling, and how that can help increase my level of awareness on a day-to-day basis. I believe that by completing this weekly check-in with Overt, I will accomplish this. I look forward to addressing some of the emotions that I experienced with my therapist. I have come to realize one of the major objectives of therapy is simply to identify and accept our emotions. 

Week 2: In my most recent session, we explored an acronym that can be employed in effective communication. As I began therapy, I was most interested in learning new “tools” that would assist me to communicate with more compassion towards my spouse, and I feel like this acronym is just another tool that I can add to my quiver. 

Week 3:  

I talked with my therapist about how I typically cope with stress and anxiety. I told her that in the past, I have mostly gravitated towards fitness and exercise in various forms – running, climbing, etc. I consider those activities to be “meditative”, and described them as such to her. Because I am having a difficult time exercising because of other responsibilities right now, she recommended I meditate. We then went through a guided meditation and it was extremely beneficial to have someone to discuss the experience with. 


After Overt: coming soon