JM’s Story


I was brought to the Overt Foundation Website by my current therapist. I was previously self-pay with a therapist near me and then I got a notice that my rent was being raised by 130.00. Once again my mental health had to take a back seat so my family could afford to live in our home.

I was seeing a therapist for depression, possible self harm, anxiety and OCD tendencies. I was also seeing her because of constant self-criticism.

I have had three visits with my therapist and I can already see a slow change in my mental attitude. I have learned about tools like challenging core thoughts and grounding techniques.

Although I have learned a lot, I do feel like I still have a lot more to learn and I feel like I still have to reach my goals of maintaining my anxieties and fears in order to be a happier and more positive person. I feel constantly guilty for being a working mother and wife and I am always feeling as if I am not doing enough for my family while I drag myself through the coals.

During Overt

Week 1

I loved that I was able to give my therapist a whole laundry list of problems and issues and she was able to help me organize my thoughts and emotions. I would say that My mood was greatly improved after my session.

Week 2

I liked that I could have a safe place to talk about my problems. I think that I need to really get a better understanding of who I am and work hard to have some alone time after therapy to digest my feelings. I think if I do this, I will be less stressed. 

Week 3

I loved that I had a safe space to express myself in and was able to be around someone who would not judge me. I wouldn’t change anything about my current therapy treatment, it is helping me be more positive and improves my mood. 

Week 4:

I enjoy going to therapy because it gives me a space where I can talk without feeling judged. I feel as though my sessions go very well. 

Week 5:

I liked that I could be honest and open with my therapist about my feelings. I also loved that she just let me go on about my someone that I was having issues with in my life with no judgment