BG’s Story


We recently moved to a new city and  I started having terribly gruesome nightmares that would wake me up and developed intrusive thoughts about the images I would dream about. I was deeply disturbed as violence and gore were not ever part of any media or books in my life. I sought after answers since I had only had nightmares occasionally as a child and discovered that it could possibly be OCD which some members of my extended family also suffer from. I saw a counselor for a few months , who was amazing, and he suggested that I do EMDR to start healing from these images and nightmares I had become haunted by. I found a therapist and she is incredible and I have had so many breakthroughs with her. I really feel at this time that I need to continue with EMDR to continue processing disturbing memories and healing from the nightmares and intrusive thoughts that have come through OCD.

A main duty of my current job is to answer the phones, which range on average 80-100 times a day. They are a crisis call center so often times the call would be an individual in extreme emotional or physical crisis. I loved this job and was reluctant to leave because of my love for the people and the work. However, I finally realized that answering calls from victims of serious crimes was greatly contributing to the disturbance I was experiencing in my mental health and was becoming detrimental to my progress in EMDR with my therapist. Kind of like two steps forward, one step back. I left my job on Oct 21 and have found a very stable part time job at the Institute of Religion in the town I live in. I continue looking for another part time job but this does not change the fact that I lost health insurance when I left my old job and won’t be getting a plan with part time jobs.

I have paid full price for my sessions with my therapist for a few months now. As my current working position does not even cover all of our monthly expenses, this has become increasingly difficult and I can’t continue falling back on our small savings for very much longer. I really hope you will be able to help me, I really feel that I am getting closer to mental healing and a freedom from horrifyingly disturbing thoughts and dreams.


Overt Session Updates Coming Soon

Week 1:

My therapist is amazing. She was able to help me resolve some false ides I had about myself and I felt really great after the session was over 

Week 2:

My therapy sessions have been great. I want to keep progressing and figure out how to manage my emotions around work and the stressors in my life.

Week 3:

I really liked that my therapist didn’t push me too hard with dealing with my intrusive thoughts. She helped me separate me from the thoughts and give me a positive outlook and hope.