Done or shown openly: plainly or readily apparent, noT secret or hidden.



Done or shown openly: plainly or readily apparent, noT secret or hidden.

Even though mental health challenges individuals face are highly treatable,
many people go on to never receive treatment or help. Why is that?


fear, knowledge, hope, support, experience, change, finances, relations, time, motivation, life, work, pain
Fear, Knowledge, Hope, Support, Experience, Change
Finances, Relations, Time, Motivation, Life, Work, Pain

How we aim to support individuals facing mental
health challenges:

Through our donations and funding, we provide individuals who are not in the position to afford therapy with financial aid. Funding is provided directly to the providing therapist.

We encourage individuals to share their experiences so that it allows them to open up but also is a source for others, so that everyone can know they are not alone.

Learning about ways to overcome mental health challenges and understand the importance is still a stigma we need to overcome. Our community of therapists and case worker’s provide tips and resources not only for individuals facing mental health challenges but also for loved ones trying to help.

Who DO We Help?

People struggling with…








CR’s Story

Pre-Overt: I am really needing help with confidence/self worth. Finding tools to be a better person towards myself and others would be helpful. I would love to have the ability to have authentic long lasting relationships and overall better mental health. Week 1: I left feeling extremely validated and with some very helpful new vocabulary…Continue reading CR’s Story

KR’s Story

Pre-Overt I am hoping to overcome my anxiety and depression and live a more fulfilled life. A life that I can live without being afraid of other peoples opinions about me and letting that stop me from doing things I would love to do. I am working with a therapist to overcome my past traumas…Continue reading KR’s Story

BG’s Story

Pre-Overt We recently moved to a new city and  I started having terribly gruesome nightmares that would wake me up and developed intrusive thoughts about the images I would dream about. I was deeply disturbed as violence and gore were not ever part of any media or books in my life. I sought after answers…Continue reading BG’s Story

LH’s Story

I lost 3 family members in 4 months; including my mother and my only son. I’ve added my disabled brother (whose wife passed away) and his young  son to my household. All of this occurred shortly after I moved to help my mom, before she passed away. During this time, I have still been in…Continue reading LH’s Story

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